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Creating magical possibilities

Alison is an expert at locating and releasing out old patterns and limiting beliefs about your life including all your relationships, that is the relationship with yourself first.

Is this you?

• Stuck
• Been hurt badly
• Lost your Mo Jo
• Uninspired
• Repeating same patterns
• Sick
• Confused
• Lonely

Are you willing and ready to commit and make a deeper change?

Would you like?

• To appreciate and trust in yourself
• Contentment with who you are
• Experience more joy in your life
• Clarity and motivation
• Inner peace

The journey

1. Awareness and brief on where you are at and what YOU do wish for 
2. Loving accept self first - Find and clear root causes/Trauma 
3. Feeling the vibe - allowing dreams to awaken
4. Importance of your environment - Supporting you. 
5. Power release
6. Plan and action
7. Review - tweaking/go deeper

EFT Coaching with Alison will powerfully and creatively assist you to love and accept yourself allowing you to:

  • FEEL lighter
  • Experience confidence
  • Become connected again
  • Trust in yourself
  • Fulfill your dreams
I work with clients face to face in person in Sydney World wide and nationally within Australia using Skype and on the phone 
Skype name: almonaghan
I like to recommend at least 3 sessions for making some distinct headway on the issues arising. However, if we are dealing with a phobia i.e snakes, spiders etc this can sometimes be resolved within one or two sessions. Fear of heights or flying for example usually needs approx 2 sessions. 

Concessions may apply - please enquire
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