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Clearing of personal limiting beliefs

"I really value and have benefited greatly from EFT/Matrix sessions with Alison. These sessions helped me break through some deep rooted issues and limiting beliefs which I have carried for most of my life. I have used EFT before but feel the Matrix Reimprinting technique, together with Alison's guidance, helped me get to the root cause of issues I was experiencing with relationships and self esteem. I have noticed positive, tangible changes in my life from these sessions and I would highly recommend sessions with Alison to anyone who wants to break limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour or to anyone who just feels stuck. Alison is a master of these techniques and I look forward to more sessions with her."

Paul - South Sydney
Marriage Breakdown:
"Alison is very professional in her approach but at the same time has a warmth & sense of humour that makes you feel very relaxed. She pushes just enough to make you get some personal things out in the open but never makes you feel uncomfortable while doing it.
I had read a bit of information about EFT before contacting Alison but was still astonished by the changes a few sessions with her have brought to my life. After going through a long term marriage separation that involved children & feeling all the emotions that were apart of that, like guilt, shame, anger, blame etc. to steadily see my emotions/feelings work their way up the mood chart was amazing in itself. We dredged up a lot of past events & worked on reimprinting the beliefs & feelings I had about them. Since our sessions I have noticed different people being receptive to me & inviting me into their lives to those that were previously. People whom are much more positive & uplifting because I believe my own energy has moved into that space & that is who I now attract. I’ve also noticed myself taking small actions that I previously found difficult that are all adding to a much more enjoyable life. Simple things like jumping off bridges into water, swimming in the surf, asking others for help, things that always held some form of reluctance/fear are now easy. The Matrix Reimprinting was especially valuable here."
Once again, Thanks Alison.
Nick - Sydney

Fear of Heights
"As far as I could remember I'd had an extreme fear of heights. Although this generally hadn't had a huge impact on my day to day life, at times it had prevented me from enjoying certain experiences as fear would take over. When I asked Ali for help, to be honest, I wasn't sure that EFT would make any difference to a phobia that I had carried with me for so long and I felt skeptical. It seemed odd to be tapping at first but the results were amazing and I can now climb to the top of high buildings and go to 'look out' points and admire the view without feeling terrified and my heart racing. I can't thank Ali enough. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful calm, positive healing energy but down to earth and fun too. She also showed me some tapping techniques which I now regularly use on myself if I'm feeling stressed or having problems sleeping. I don't exactly know how it works but EFT works and it's life changing"
Sophie - Sydney
Negative Memories
"I've had a number of sessions with Alison and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I find her incredibly easy to talk to which is a huge headstart as you almost instantly feel comfortable in divulging your innermost thoughts, fears and emotions; things you wouldn't even discuss with your closest friends.  By being so open,  you get straight to the point and start working on view negative beliefs. The results from my sessions with Alison have been quite impressive in the sense that previous negative memories have been transformed to a point where they no longer have control over me in a negative way or how I view myself . Ie. Stuff which used to bother me doesn't even matter anymore.   Alison'a combination of techniques really tackled issues head in and I would recommend her to anyone looking to finally relieve their mind of negative beliefs."
Veronica - Sydney
Social Shyness
"The first thing that struck me about Alison was her professionalism. She quickly made me feel comfortable before diving right into it, and we managed to cover a lot of ground in each session. Since then I have experienced a lot more peace and happiness in my life, and a renewed excitement and motivation. Alison also showed me a few very effective things I can do on my own should I find myself in my old patterns, which I have found very useful."
Brendan - Sydney
I had been working with EFT on my own for a while and found it an effective and immediate healing tool. I heard about Alison and was interested to work with a practitioner of EFT. I found the results incredibly powerful. Alison makes you feel completely comfortable and safe.  Alison has an amazing intuition that allows you to be guided and healed in a loving and safe environment. The work with Alison has given me insight into my past and my behaviour in the present. The most amazing aspect of working with Alison, EFT and matrixreimprinting is the potential for acknowledging the past, releasing it and moving forward with a more positive and enlightened state of mind. I cannot recommend Alison highly enough.
Melony Sydney
"Alison introduced EFT to me when I was in a dark place; I found (after just one session) EFT cathartic and invigorating: I could not wait to experience EFT again! 
The sessions have been conducted over the phone and have been extremely successful.
Over a distance of thousands of miles, Ali has been able to send therapeutic energies; Emotional Freedom Technique's curative power has begun for me.
To be healthy, mentally and physically is a blessing; I will continue to experience EFT, promoting a healthier mind and body. 
Thank you Alison for all your help and support"
Julie Pope 42    UK
Workplace conflict
"After a prolonged period of worklace conflict, Al's tapping released pent up emotion that I had been carrying around for several months without realising the detrimental affect it was having on my health.  
 After crying quite spontaneously for a few minutes during the tapping, I felt a distinct cognitive shift.  I enjoyed the relief of laughter and feeling like what had been bogging me down for months was simply not worth worring about.  It was a joyful release from conflict that inspired real courage.
 Soon after I lodged a formal complaint against a manager who had consistently belittled my achievements and over the course of 12 months, changed my whole experience of work to being a source of conflict and despair that was really bringing me down.  
 Once i had the courage to act, I easily won an internal workplace battle and was then immediately successful in finding a great new job. I resigned from the workplace that did not allow me to flourish and will never allow aother to wield that power over me again."
Janice, 44. Sydney

Testimonials from EFT workshops

"EFT is a simple technique which really works!"

"I enjoyed the course very much. I gained tremendously as I learned to shift stuck energies"

"This course was simple and easy to follow, it really made a difference in how I felt. I made me feel free and liberated!"

"I Found is very beneficial, helped clear up a few issues of my own"

"Alison is passionate about EFT and it shines through in her training, she is extremely positive and patient with great feedback"

"Thank you Alison for your calm influence and your ability to take me through the training with great knowledge and humour"

"This made me lighter!"

"This was a good addition to my individual sessions and private practice"

"Alison is  very knowledgable, proficient and professional, as well as having deep insight. She is also well organised and the training is well structured"

" I felt nervous on the first day, but very empowered at the end, learning this wonderful tool with a great trainer. Since learning EFT things are happening in my life that I never thought I could have. It has opened me up to being calm in situations I did not handle previously."

"This is a great introduction to tapping - enough practice to get started. Alison's presentation style is relaxed and considerate of everyones needs"
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