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The Sydney Tapping Group

Running every 6 weeks

Here's a selection of what people are saying about the Sydney Tapping Group
"Amazing first tapping meeting. Great to meet with like minded people"

"Thank you Alison for organizing the tapping group as it has inspired me to keep tapping and have a support group for guidance"

"I really enjoyed finding out about EFT and what it can do for me"

"I learnt how to release the pain in my body which I realized was linked to my emotional pain"

"Great session Alison - Ive meant to reconnect with this technique for a while but life got in the way!. Now I am looking forward to incorporating it into my daily life and becoming who I can be"

"Really enjoyed my first tapping group, felt more calm and relaxed at the end of it"

As I continue to support clients and students of EFT Therapies, it became clearer to me the importance of connecting with like minded people and receiving additional support through my guidance in this group.
With the increasing rush of life and internet social media becoming the norm of communication, we need time to reconnect with like minded people in a safe and loving environment.

The Sydney Tapping Group Aims and Objectives:
  • Meet up with other tappers!
  • Bring along tapping newbies/friends/family
  • Set your intentions/goals/dreams
  • Create your vision board
  • Release the blocks to attracting your visions
  • Enjoy the vibe of other personal improvement enthusiasts
  • Receive benefits when we tap together as a group
  • Open up to new possibilities you didn't even knew existed
  • Refine your tapping techniques
  • Become aware and clear the blocks to attaining peace, happiness and success

Investment $30

Book in early
My intention is to keep the group feeling safe and connected.I will be capping the amount to a maximum of 15


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